Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yoichi Single Cask 1991

I`ve had problems tracing a photo for this one, let alone supping it. It was a bottling for The Whiskyfair and Bar Cask Tokyo. Nonjatta contributor Bert Vuik says there were actually only 36 bottles on the Whiskyfair side but "that there will me me more supply of this one in the near future (this year)."

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Serge Valentin

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"Nikka Yoichi 1991/2006 (63%, OB for The Whiskyfair & Bar Cask Tokyo, cask #129445, 75cl)
Colour: deep gold / pale amber.
Nose: same as the 1989, with maybe a little more mint and eucalyptus and less pepper. With water: it got more different from the 1989 now, with more peat, more pepper... And more ‘bestiality’. Very unusual whiffs of civet cat, rabbit cage, well-hung game, old Burgundy wine that came a bit off the road... Things are getting cleaner after a moment though, the whole getting more on ‘classic’ liquorice, ginger, cloves and a little wasabi (obviously – okay, make that mustard).
Mouth (neat): it seems that there’s quite some sherry in this one. We’re really on ‘spiced apricot pie’ here, but it’s... cough... hot... cough! With water: now it’s a little less peaty than the 1989 as well as more candied, gingery (speculoos again)... Notes of Turkish delights. The oak is well here but it’s less dominant. Very entertaining whisky.
Finish: long, a little wild again, peppery, peaty, candied, pleasantly acrid at the aftertaste – and very liquoricy. Again, very entertaining. 88 points."

(Serge`s scoring system is explained on this page.)

63 per cent (abv)
750 ml - ?

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