Monday, September 24, 2007

Suntory Vintage Malt 1993 Hakushu

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Serge Valentin

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"Vintage Hakushu 1993/2005 (56%, OB, white oak, Yatsugatake cellar)
Colour: Straw.
Nose: Rather punchy and somewhat spirity, with quite some oak albeit not a dominant one. Quite some vanilla, hints of crushed pine needles, getting then very grassy and leafy (newly cut grass, green tea). Gets much more lemony after that (lemonade, 7-Up) but the oak is still there. Quite nice but lacks dimension and complexity a bit.
Mouth: Punchy, with a rather thick mouth feel, starting extremely sweet (pear sweets, apple compote with a lot of sugar) and oaky (typical spiciness). And a lot of vanilla. Simple but good result, reminding me of Glenmorangie’s experiments with various new oaks.
Finish: rather long but with no further development. Fruits and oak, oak and fruits. 80 points." (Serge`s scoring system is explained on this page.)

56 per cent (abv)
Price700 ml - 6,300 yen. Available here.

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