Friday, September 21, 2007

Malt whisky pen!

While I am trying to get together the illustrations for another slew of Serge Valentin reviews (this time a whole lot of very interesting Karuizawas), how about this for something different:

Mitsubishi pencil is making a range of pens purportedly made out of white oak barrels used for whisky making.


peterb said...

Are there any good sources for these Japanese whiskies in the United States for those who are curious about trying them? The only whisky my local distributor carries is Suntory Yamazaki.

Japanesewhisky said...

If you look on my sidebar you will see I have a section called "Where to buy". Unfortunately, as I note there, I have yet to find a retailer in the US that offers a reasonable selection. Probably, your best hope is taking a look at some of the European online retailers. Some of them will send to the US, though you will be responsible for duty and abiding by the law in the US.