Monday, June 18, 2007

Dr. Whisky and the mizuwari challenge

This is exciting! It's like being in there at the start of Association Football: actually sitting there in the rooms of N.C. Malden when they wrote the first unified footy rules!

Dr Whisky, one of my favourite whisky bloggers, says he was amused enough by the Mizuwari Death Match Challenge to try Johnnie Walker Black in a mizuwari and quite liked it. But this is the bit that got me excited:
"After my recent discovery of just how tasty Johnnie Walker Black is on ice, I hope to be able to do this with the real bottom-end blends. Can you imagine High Commissioner VS The Claymore? I look forward to it..."

Bring it on, Dr Whisky! I look forward to reading the latest news from the Scottish cup. The Claymore sounds a formidable foe.

Mizuwari drinking as an international sport! Who would have dreamed it? And then, eventually, we can have an international cyber cup between the current Scottish champion and the Japanese mizuwari king (the judges simultaneously drinking their mizuwaris either side of the world). And we can have all kinds of nit-picking arguments about the international code, about what is and what is not a mizuwari. And then all we need is some Frenchman to name the trophy after and mizuwari-ing will have made the big time. Actually, a Frenchman springs to mind. How does the "Serge Valentin Trophy" sound? Not sure the inestimable Serge over at would dirty his hands with the cheap blends that must go into a mizuwari, but we can dream.

By the way, sorry about the photograph. Couldn't find any more relevant photos of Scotsmen winning the World Cup or even getting beyond the first round. The Japanese have done a bit better but no cups, unfortunately. Casting around desperately for other whisky nations: the Irish? Erm, better than the Scots and the Japanese but, alas, no trophies. The Americans? Canadians? Their cupboards are bare too! So, as an Englishman, I had to go for old Bobby, I'm afraid. Maybe whisky is bad for the footy brain?


Nathan said...

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Japanesewhisky said...

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