Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yoichi 12 - "fruit and peat"

I had this one at the Nikka Blender`s Bar. What with the slightly distracting service and the three ales in my system from a hearty meal at a nearby izakaya, I am sending out another cask strength warning not to take my impressions too seriously.

For what they are worth: there was dried fruit (plump squashy dried apricots?) and vanilla on the nose. In the mouth, quite sweet and mild on its first attack and then developing complexity and more of an attitude. The sweetness was still there (dates?) but metallic and peaty themes developed. They were by no means overwhelming, just enough to make it interesting. It seemed to have a longer finish than my memory of the Yoichi 10. I liked this one a little better than its younger brother but have given it the same score. Perhaps the scrumptious Yoichi 15 I tasted on the same night unfairly put it in the shade (we'll come to that one over the next couple of days).

45 per cent
Price (May 2007)
700 ml - 7,000 yen

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