Friday, May 18, 2007

The First Mizuwari Death Match

The Champion: Torys
The Challenger: Suntory Whisky (yellow label Kakubin)

Our first Mizuwari Death Match and a classic confrontation between two favourites of post war Japan. Uncle "It's Good, It's Cheap" Torys faces much hyped challenger Suntory (yellow label) Kakubin.

Kakubin comes into this match a clear favourite, having secured a surprise two stars in his weigh-in tasting. Uncle Torys picked up just the one star and the comment "foul but fine in a mizuwari". Well, today is all about mizuwaris. Will the big man shove the words down the throats of his naysayers? Or will the smooth challenger carry the day?

It is toe to toe stuff in the early stages. Kakubin: mild and well presented, just as he had been neat. Uncle Torys: this is a revelation! Maybe Torys is best regarded as a cordial after all? Whereas he had been crude neat, Torys has a long sweet, aniseedy taste in the iced water. He's definitely got the challenger on the back foot. Perhaps that sweet cloyingness is designed for dilution, whereas the Kakubin is just another watered down whisky? I pass the two glasses to my wife for a blind tasting: a short pause for reflection, then Torys is held up. Kakubin is down and out and Uncle Torys has not even had to use his sneaky low price move.

The result: Torys keeps the boater. Until next week.

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