Monday, April 16, 2007

Ichiro's Choice Peated Golden Promise - "gas leak"

A bit of an oddity, this one. Bottled by the Ichiro's Malts people, it is from the Karuizawa distillery rather than their usual Hanyu distillery stock. Odder still, it is heavily peated, which is not a normal Karuizawa feature. Tasted this at Bar Argyll on Friday night and was devoting all my energies to talking a load of rubbish rather than tasting. This write up is more than likely also a load of rubbish. Never stopped me before.

Nose: If I smelled this coming out of my house, I would call the Gas Board immediately. Maybe the Water Board? Drains.

My first thought on tasting it was that it was a good job Karuizawa's style was not heavy peating, else they would be a bit of a car crash. Cabbages. Quite sweet: Cabbages boiled in orange juice. My second thought was that it was not as bad as I had thought. A bit different. In certain gaseous moods, I could go for this.

Distilled 1994
Bottled 2006
Sherry barrel
505 bottled

61 per cent
Price (April 2007)
700 ml - 6,500 yen

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