Monday, April 16, 2007

Ichiro's Malt Two of Clubs - "boiled sweets"

This Ichiro has a Japanese "Mizunara" oak finish. Tossed it back on an evening out at the Argyll. Didn`t really have my tasting hat on and I am afraid my memory is a little fuzzy, so my normal warning not to take my write-ups seriously is going out cask strength on this occasion.

Unlike the similarly powerful Ichiro`s Malt 2000, this one would benefit from a few drops of water. Undiluted, the nose had a touch of blackberry. The taste was slightly astringent but could still detect the fruit: more blackberry flavoured boiled sweets at this stage. There was a lot of pretty uncompromising alcohol around, especially near the finish. Water might have been a good idea but I was too busy muscling in on my wife's glass of Ichiro's Choice Peated Golden Promise to try it. Overall, belligerent but not inelegant.

Distilled 2000
Bottled June 2007
Mizunara Japanese Oak finish
318 bottled

56 per cent
700ml - 5,500 yen


Anonymous said...

Beside on the Rakuten web shopping, where should I get Ichiro's Malt whisky (Card series)in Japan.

I am living in Taipei. Really expensive to buy in Taiwan for those cult whisky. Really cheap to buy in Japan, but most of the stocks on Rakuten has been sold out.
Jacky from Taiwan.

Nonjatta said...

Sorry to suggest Rakuten despite your explicit request for a different store, but how about this place?