Sunday, June 11, 2000

What would I do to improve the Fuji Gotemba tour?

I criticised the Fuji Gotemba tour. How could it be made better?

1. Employ a few engaging old choffers who have worked at the factory for years as my guides (they started in 1973, so there should be a few suitably matured whisky men or women).

2. Cut the unguided tour or at least heavily push the guided tour at people when they enter. Remove the need to book a guide. Instead, make the guided tours depart every hour.

3. Have one small sample of the cheaper single malt as the free drink at the end of the tour. This is the climax, for God's sake! The visitor have just seen a display explaining how much of the whisky evaporates in its 18 years of aging. Now they need to taste this incomparably precious liquor, not experience some alcohol soaked anti-climax with a large tumbler of Boston Club (once memorably described by Jim Murray as the "Boston Strangler").

4. Before anyone drinks a drop, the guide or one of the air stewardesses (they have to find a job for them somehow) needs to explain to people what single malt is.

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