Friday, April 21, 2000

Fuji Gotemba 18 Years

Reviews by more reliable types
Martine Nouet, Whisky Magazine, 40,4/6/2004. 8/10. Nouet praised the mellow nuttiness of the nose. The palate exhibited a nice balance between sweetness and sourness, she said: "Smooth. Velvety... Toasted cereal". The finish was "whispering, soothing, nutty. Licorice. Some dry oak on the sides."
Dave Broom Whisky Magazine, 40,4/6/2004. 7.25/10. Broom's overall impression was of oak. He felt the nose was light and biscuity at first, with leather, deck oil, "hot fences in the summer sun" , and pear then emerging. In the mouth, he said it was very dry and tannic, with a digestive biscuit flavour, a little tobacco and nuts. The finish was "tight, oaky, bitter almond."

(Please note the dates on reviews if they are provided. There may be significant variation between different years of a single malt brand)

43 per cent
Price (April 2007)
700 ml - 8,392 yen