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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Whisky Live 2014 Report

Post by Aaron Chan, Hong Kong
Yet another great year! If you missed this year’s Tokyo International Bar Show / Whisky Live, you will have to wait another year… probably. Not to worry, though: here is a short overview of some of the highlights of the weekend.

The Whisky Live weekend actually started on Friday night, when 40 lucky members of Bond #1 were invited to a pre-opening tasting at the Park Hotel. Whisky Live director Damian Riley-Smith had brought a very special bottle with him, The Michael Jackson Special Blend. This bottle was a vatting of over 2,000 opened bottles found at the late whisky author's private collection after his passing. Drinking this was like drinking the history of whisky itself.
Although there were no commemorative Japanese bottlings this year (as there were in the past years), there were a few outstanding special festival bottlings from our friends at BenRiach, Glenglassaugh, Isle of Arran, Cadenhead’s and Samaroli. The “’S Peaty” from Samaroli is a vatting of Islay drams distilled in 1995. Contrary to its name, it is not all that peaty, but very smooth, well balanced and elegant. This – as well as the other bottlings – are already available from Japanese retailers so do grab a bottle before it’s too late.
Another must-visit spot every year at Whisky Live is Ichiro Akuto’s Venture Whisky.  This year, Akuto san unveiled a new Chibidaru 2014. He also had an interesting experimental Chichibu matured in a sherry butt available for free tasting at the event. The 2014 Chibidaru is from the 2010 vintage and spent its entire life in so-called chibidaru (the distillery’s original quarter cask). There was no information as to when it would be released officially but when we have any further information, you’ll be the first to know.
Our friends from Nine Leaves were also at the show to promote their “Clear” rum-spirit released earlier this year and “Angel’s Half”, their 6-month old rum. There were two versions of “Angel’s Half” – one matured in a cognac cask, the other in American oak – both very promising.
Aside from these wonderful drams, punters could also try some more exotic (and expensive) drams by purchasing tasting vouchers. It’s a pity they didn’t offer the White Bowmore, like last year, but there was still plenty to titillate the taste buds – among others, a 1968 Glenglassaugh, a 1974 Bunnahabhain 1974 (aka “Infinity”) by Samaroli, a Glenfarclas Family Cask 1976, a 1973 Glen Grant, Talisker 30 Years Old, and so on. We missed Dave Broom – who couldn’t be at this year’s edition due to commitments in Europe – but all in all, it was a great weekend.

Monday, March 25, 2013

New Chichibu Releases: Chibidaru & Port Pipe

Post by Stefan of Tokyo Whisky Hub
As of today, the follow-up releases to Chichibu ‘The First’, ‘The Floor-Malted’ and ‘The Peated’ are available, and there are two: ‘Chibidaru’ and ‘The Port Pipe’. ‘Chibidaru’ is Akuto-san’s original quarter-cask type (for more info, check out this post). ‘Port Pipe’ is the largest cask used in the whisky industry - a standard pipe holds about 550 litres. Since last year, Akuto-san has been taking samples of various types of Chichibu malt to local whisky events to gauge consumers’ response. Last year also saw the release of single-cask editions of both types - the ‘Chibidaru’ for last year’s Whisky Live/TIBS, Shinanoya’s 5th Anniversary bottling and a La Maison du Whisky exclusive; the ‘Port Pipe’ for last year’s ‘Modern Malt Market’ (split with a local bank in Tokyo - so there are, in fact, two different labels for this single cask). Response must have been good. The new ‘Chibidaru’ (2009/2013) is bottled at 53.5% abv with 3,900 bottles available; the ‘Port Pipe’ (2009/2013) comes in at 54.5% with an outturn of 4,200. Some online shops have already started offering these for pre-order but they won't be available until April. We'll have tasting notes for you very soon. It’ll be interesting to see how these new releases compare with the aforementioned single cask releases.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ichiro's Malt Hanyu Chibidaru for TIBS/WhiskyLive Tokyo 2012 #349 2000 12YO 58.4%

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:

Ichiro's Malt Hanyu Chibidaru for TIBS/WhiskyLive Tokyo 2012 #349 2000 12YO 58.4%
Nose: Has some elements that I find in a lot of in Hanyu such as fragrant wood/incense, but also fresh-baked rhubarb and apple pie, brown shoe polish, beef kebabs with capsicum, caramels, toasted oak, anise. hubba bubba. As they say in New Zealand, 'Choice Bro'!
Palate: Yummy! There's a fragrant element and a balance between the sweet, meaty and woody elements on the nose, including some cinnamon-dusted doughnuts. Well crafted.
Finish: Warming and palate coating. I hope Akuto-san has some more of these "Chibidaru" (cute/wee) cask matured whiskies that can be released to the general public. A light that definitely should not be hidden under a bushel.