Friday, July 9, 2010

Map: Charting the Ocean tradition

Intro: The delightfully lewd world of Ocean whisky // Map: Charting the Ocean tradition // The early years (Part I) // The early years (Part II) // Sanraku Ocean // Death and the afterlife

In the few days since I posted my introduction to the delightfully lewd world of Ocean Whisky, I have been wrestling with how best to present the large amount of detailed material I have on this tradition. My tentative understanding is that there are at least three, maybe four, completely forgotten malt whisky distilleries mixed up in this story.

The problem is there is so much information and the relationships between the companies and brands so labyrinthine that, without some sort of a map to guide us through, we are going to get lost pretty quickly. The diagram above should hopefully fill that gap.

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